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The Different Types of Recruitment Agencies in Jakarta

As a metropolitan city, Jakarta is one of the cities where jobs are always available. For this reason, there are a lot of recruitment agencies you can find in the city. In addition, these recruitment agencies are also classified into several types. So, here are the different types of recruitment agencies Jakarta that you can find.

What is a recruitment agency?

A recruitment agency is a service that employers use to find the best candidate for certain jobs. Think of a recruitment agency as a dating app. But, instead of looking for a partner, companies use their services to find qualified job seekers. 

A recruitment agency works closely with a company that is looking to hire talented professionals. In addition, a recruitment agency will work closely with the company and the job seekers to ensure that both parties’ requirements are met.

Different Types of Recruitment Agencies

Various types of recruitment agencies are available for specific hiring requirements. In, general, those types of agencies are:

  • Staffing agencies

Staffing agencies specialized in finding candidates to temporarily work for a company. These types of recruitment agencies Jakarta are popular for companies who need to complete a specific project, experience a busy season, or are temporarily short-staffed due to certain reasons.

  • Traditional recruitment agencies

Traditional recruitment agencies are the most common types of agencies that you can find. In this type of agency, recruiters won’t be paid unless the client company hires someone from their shortlist.

  • Executive search agencies

Executive agencies specialize in finding a candidate for a senior position. This type of agency is popular due to the fierce competition from companies who are looking for highly experienced and highly-skilled candidates.

  • Specialist agencies

The last type of recruitment agencies Jakarta is a specialist recruitment agency. As the name suggests, specialist agencies are looking for candidates for specialized fields, such as electronics, marketing, and hospitality. This type of agency is usually connected to companies in specific fields in the industry

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