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How to Find The Best Head Hunter for Getting Potential Employees

How to find the best headhunter company in Jakarta? After knowing the definition of a head hunter in Jakarta, let’s talk about how to get the best one. As the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta has many national and multinational companies. Of course, it causes the growth of many new jobs like the head hunter.

As there are so many head hunters out there, you may find it very difficult to get the best one. Yes, a wrong choice may cause you to get the wrong candidate also for the strategic position in your company. Below, you can read some tips on how to find the best head hunter in Jakarta. Check them out.

Enlarge Your Network

A head hunter commonly works closely, not advertising themselves. So, there are no other choices except to enlarge your own network to own them. If you are working in a big business, you may have known some other people who have worked with a trusted head hunter.

But in case your company is not that big, don’t worry. You can ask your partners or collaborators to give you information about the head hunter. They may bring you some options. Choose one of them that meets your needs and budget.

Share Requirements and Qualifications of the Candidate

You must want the best for your company by choosing a qualified and eligible candidate. So, make sure to make a list of requirements and qualifications. The list is then given to the head hunter for further action. When doing the job of finding the candidates, the head hunter works based on the requirement you give.

Monitor Them

It is better to monitor and collaborate with the head hunter in finding the candidate than letting them work alone. It enables you to know how far the development of the recruitment is or whether or not the candidate found is suitable for the requirements you give.

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