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The Way Headhunter Agencies Earn Money from Their Business

You may be curious about how headhunter agencies earn money from their business. Job seekers can use their service for free to get the best job. The information below will help you to understand how a headhunter agency works. 

How Does a Headhunter Agency Work?

A headhunter agency works by connecting job seekers to companies that need employees. They work as an external human resources department for the companies. That’s why they will always ensure that companies get the best employees to complete their projects. It can be temporary employees or permanent employees. 

The Way a Headhunter Agencies Earn Money from Its Business 

So, how do headhunter agencies earn money if you can use their services for free? Indeed, it is not a completely free service. They get money from the companies that are successfully getting employees just like what they want. 

On the other hand, a headhunter agency will also earn money in the form of a commission from the first year’s salary of its employees when they get hired. The percentage varies and it is included in the agreement before the employees work in a company. The higher your salary, the higher the commission a headhunter agency earns.  

The Best Way to Get a Headhunter Agency 

Since you have to share your salary with the headhunter agency, you should find a job that gives a bit higher salary. It means that you can still cover your needs with the rest of the money after sharing it with the agency that helps you. 

One of the tricks is by explaining the salary range you want. Explain to them the non-negotiable salary for you. Indeed, you still have to be comfortable while working. There are a lot of headhunter agencies out there. Ensure that you get the best headhunter agency that gives a fair sharing percentage. As a result, you get the job and salary you want.   

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